Wij bieden uitzicht op financiele bestaanszekerheid

About us

Vision, mission and core values

Our mission is to offer the prospect of financial security. After all, financial security acts as a flywheel for other areas of life and contributes to social and economic involvement.

We know that people are embarrassed to admit that they are in debt. We also know that stress caused by debt temporarily reduces your intelligence and diminishes your ability to take action. People with minor intellectual disabilities or who have difficulty reading have even greater difficulty getting out of debt. Knowing this obliges us to do something about it!

We do this based on the following core values:

  • Would you like to be helped by yourself?
  • Don't judge and show compassion
  • Work quickly and with a focus on results

Common scheme

Kredietbank Limburg (KBL) is not a commercial bank. We implement the Municipal Debt Relief Assistance Act, which we do as a common scheme for the following local authorities:

  • Brunssum
  • Heerlen
  • Kerkrade
  • Landgraaf
  • Maastricht
  • Sittard-Geleen


We also have a number of clients who purchase our debt relief assistance services:

Local authorities:

Beekdaelen Simpelveld
Beesel Vaals
Eijsden-Margraaten Valkenburg
Gulpen-Wittem Veldhoven
Horst aan de maas Venlo
Meerssen Venray
Nuenen Voerendaal
Roermond Weert

Other clients:

  • APG
  • WSP Parkstad

Board and management

General members and day-to-day management:

  • De heer S.J.H. L' Espoir, wethouder van de gemeente Brunssum
  • De heer C.P.G. Wilbach, wethouder van de gemeente Landgraaf
  • Mevrouw K. Schmitz, wethouder van de gemeente Sittard-Geleen
  • De heer H. Wiermans, wethouder van de gemeente Kerkrade
  • De heer J.M. Janssen (vice-voorzitter), wethouder van de gemeente Maastricht
  • De heer P.M.A. van Zutphen (voorzitter), wethouder van de gemeente Heerlen
  • De dagelijkse leiding berust bij de algemeen directeur: R. van den Tillaar.

Industry association

We are a member of the Association for Debt Relief Assistance and Social Banking (NVVK) and abide by its rules. That means that we always do what is best for you. For further information, please visit www.nvvk.nl.

Need help? 
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